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Frequently Asked Questions Treatment

can not boot: 
    Batteries may be empty, the player to charge, sufficient power can boot up after.
    Disorder in the process the machine crashed, according to the following RESET button on it. 

flew off during playback:
    Low battery shutdown caused observe the display may direct consumption.
    Player Auto shutdown setting a very short period of time when no key operation is automatically off the computer.

The display shows the dark period of time:
    Detection screensaver settings are open, if open will close the screen time to play the role of extended battery playback time.

headphones can not hear sound:
    Please check the sound volume is 0;
    Please check the headset is no problem.

serious noise:
    Please check the headset plug is clean, dirt can cause noise.
    Check the music file is corrupted, try playing the other to determine if the file is corrupted can cause noise.

Radio ineffective:
    Adjust the headphone and player position.
    Close vicinity of electrical installations.
    Headphones can be used as antennas.

can not download file: 
    Confirm whether the computer player is properly connected. 
    Recognition memory, storage space is full.
    Sure USB cable is damaged.

video and audio can not play:
    Sure directory is correct.
    Whether the format can support.
    Downloaded WMA files can not play WMA files because of copyright protection, there is bound to the software, but imperfect, it is recommended to produce their own WMA.

Sometimes when removing USB cable will crash:
    Please click on the desktop lower right corner of the letter, to ensure the safety of withdrawal, or may cause system errors or freezes.

Double-click the button on the code,the handle lights are still flashing:
    Turn on the power to confirm whether the player.
    Sure the handle is too far away from the player or the obstacles too much,too
    Confirm for the new handle.If for a new handle,you need to restart the player after the re-code.


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